About Cherub


Bring success to all businesses and customers in a God-centered way.


Provide marketing and other services based on sound principles, allowing businesses to thrive in a world full of obstacles against them.

Our Core Audience

As a small business and knowing many small businesses, many things are heavily skewed against us. The best features are typically reserved for the highest tiers, and prices get cheaper the more you buy. Small and medium businesses will never be able to afford the fancy features most companies offer. This is why Cherub exists. We believe in providing all our features to our customers, regardless of size. We also believe in a flat set price no matter how much you use. You won’t unlock more features or pay a lower per-unit cost the more you buy. Everyone gets everything and pays the same, regardless of whether you are just starting out and don’t need much or are more mature and use a lot.
Don’t think you can’t use Cherub if you are a large enterprise customer, though. We work with enterprise-sized businesses but need to work with you case-by-case since your needs differ vastly from the small mom-and-pop shops.

A Brief Background

Cherub Solutions LLC, aka Cherub, was born out of wanting to help the “small guy” and do so in a world bent on erasing traditional values. It started in 2019 when “wokeness” became mainstream and Christian, conservative people were being openly persecuted in big tech. While the tech world had always been woke, it didn’t start strangling out the dissenters until various initiatives began cropping up across the sector. That is when the Cherub families started feeling they didn’t belong.
When the tech world had its bubble burst in 2022, many found they no longer had jobs in the tech world. Which really was a blessing in disguise. Finding work was incredibly difficult during 2023, and while doors kept closing repeatedly, one opened during that hardship. Things moved quickly, and a calm overcame the Cherub family, showing them this was the right thing to do. Cherub was founded and built to serve others with similar beliefs and principles so that we could all thrive in a parallel economy against “the world.” Matthew 7:13-14

We Believe

In the one true God of the Bible
In Christian values and principles
In conservative values
In the traditional nuclear family
In homeschooling
In homesteading

A Thanks

As a small company, going at things independently is a difficult task. But we felt this was the right thing to do and a calling we were answering. We appreciate every client who puts their trust in us. It is helping us make life a success, and we want to share our success with many others. Thank you to all our clients for coming alongside us on this journey of life, and may we both be prosperous.

Why A Cherub?

Cherubs, aka angels, play essential roles throughout the Bible. Messengers, among other functions. Cherub Solutions and its products fit into the marketing realm of business. Marketing is a form of messaging and announcing, thus the connection between the name and the company. We aspire to work with companies in the parallel economy who use our services for good and adhere to moral and biblical principles.

Let's Overcome Challenges Together

We believe in the power of collaboration. Share your business challenges with us and the things you wish you had or could do. Together, we can identify the right services and strategies to drive your success and achieve your goals.